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Snacks Before a Work Out

What you eat is always important, including before a workout. In the process of losing weight, movement is important. Optimizing the body's fuel before movement can be key to reaching desired outcomes.

Studies have shown that eating a meal consisting of simple carbohydrates and protein three to four hours before a workout can increase your energy and overall workout. Low amount of fat is recommended due to how fats can slow digestion and cause discomfort when engaging in movement.

With the trends of today being more on the low carb side, it’s important to understand that carbs are supplying the body with glycogen which is used for energy to help get through your exercise.

Here are some examples of foods that can optimize your work out:

Low fat yogurt


Low fat String cheese

Whole grain crackers

Turkey whole grain sandwich

Skim milk fruit smoothie

Fresh fruit


Blog post written by: Amy Berge, Dietetic Intern

Edited By: Marsha Girgis, M.S., RD


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