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Picking the best breakfast cereal

Cereal can be a great and nourishing breakfast. Picking the right cereal is not only important for weight loss, it's also important to help nourish, and it's the best way to get all your B vitamins in in the morning. Here's a few tips on how to pick the right cereal: Read the label: 1. Make sure whole grains, wheat, or rye is your FIRST ingredient. Ingredients on a food label are in order by weight. So, if sugar is your first ingredient, then its more a dessert, not a nourishing breakfast. TIP: Look for the whole grain stamp. It looks like this:

2. FIBER: Cereal is such a good way to get your fiber in for the day. Atleast 4 to 5 grams of fiber is a good amount for a breakfast cereal. Fiber also keeps you full longer, some studies suggest that a high fiber breakfast can keep you full until lunch.

3. SUGAR: Choose a cereal with no added sugar. If you buy it and its still unsweet, i would rather you sweeten it yourself with either raisins or fruit, at least this way it adds fiber to your day. 4. Food coloring can definitely make food FUN, and while there isn't any evidence that food coloring is bad for us (unless your allergic), it's just something our bodies don't need every morning. So it may be best to find a food with NO food coloring.

Some other ways to cereal: 1. Add to your morning yogurt with fruit to make a parfait

2. Make a trail mix with your cereal, add nuts, seeds, and fresh or dried fruit for an on the go snack.

Happy Cereal - ing!


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